Friday, November 3, 2017

Getting to Know Alpha Rho

Honoring Our DKG Heritage: Alpha Rho Chapter was founded on December 5, 1959, by Lillian Gibson of Epsilon Chapter, which sponsored the whole group.  The occasion took place at the Top of the Ocean in Tacoma.  Of the Alpha Rho Charter members, five had finished high school at 15-17 years of age; four were valedictorian or salutatorian of their class; two had been senior class president; four had been Prom Queen, or its equivalent!  Many of the group started teaching with much less than the present requirement of a Bachelor's Degree. (from Golden Anniversary of Alpha Sigma State 1941-1991)

     Alpha Rho member Linda Pearn graciously opened her home to me for over night lodging. It is so much fun to stay with a member and have the opportunity to get to know her better. I so appreciated Linda's hospitality. 

The evening of the chapter meeting, October 18, 2017, Linda used the GPS system to drive to the location. We soon discovered that we completely arrived at the wrong house and were hopelessly lost. The wonky street signs were not helpful at all!  Fortunately, Sheri St. John, who serves as both State Area 4 Liaison and Alpha Rho's Chapter President, provided us perfect directions over the cell phone. Linda and I had quite an adventure getting there, but we made it in time for the "potluck" business meeting. Oh, the ups and downs of technology, but how did we ever manage with those old fold out maps???

     Alpha Rho (Puyallup area) is a small, but mighty chapter. It was apparent that the members, most of whom are actively teaching, are passionate about education and providing the best for their students. The evening's agenda included a discussion of their upcoming chapter projects: Comfy Care which provides pj's to children placed in foster care, scheduling a community road clean up day, and selling holiday mugs at next year's State Fall Board Conference as a fundraising activity.
     They are also looking forward to going to Northwest Trek with their families as their November social outing. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is a 723-acre wildlife park located in the town of Eatonville, and Its primary feature is a tram tour which takes visitors through a 435-acre free-range area.

     The group brainstormed ideas for increasing membership and visibility in the community. The activity for the following meeting will include creating learning chants for the classroom. How fun!

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