Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fall Executive Board ~ Leadership Conference

Encouraging the Heart...Strengthening our DKG Legacy of Leaders was my theme for the September 28 - 29, 2018 Fall Executive Board ~ Leadership Conference at the Red Lion Hotel in Yakima, WA. In preparation for my leadership development workshops, I enjoyed spending quiet time reading about and reviewing essential leadership practices which support the need to be appreciated for what we do and who we are.

As a DKG leader, I strive to listen to the needs and interests of members and always try to find some authentic way to provide support, encouragement and mentoring to help each person reach their goals. So, as I reflect on my own servant leadership style and beliefs about how I can make a difference, on the top of my to-do list I wrote..."I will always remember to embrace every opportunity to genuinely acknowledge and recognize others for their strengths and accomplishments and personally congratulate them for a job well done."

Let's make it a point to always do our best to be encouragers of the heart and supportive mentors for all our members. And if we all continue to do these things, how can we not strengthen our DKG legacy of leaders?

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